Experts on McArdle’s Disease

Experts on McArdle’s Disease

There are a handful of doctors who can be considered experts on McArdle’s disease. They include:

Dr. Ronald G. Haller, M.D. – Director of the Neuromuscular Center
at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas (Texas). Dr. Haller is a renowned expert in metabolic disorders of skeletal muscle and has authored more than 100 publications. Dr. Haller’s research is responsible for much of what is to date known about the disease and its management.

Dr. Alfred E. Slonim, M.D.
– Director, Division of Metabolism, Schneider Children’s Hospital at North Shore (Long Island, New York). Dr. Slonim is a nationally and internationally recognized authority in metabolic diseases, particularly metabolic muscle diseases, glycogen storage diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases. He has published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals and presented at both national and international medical meetings on his innovative concepts on the treatment of these conditions.

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14 thoughts on “Experts on McArdle’s Disease

  1. Jack J. Newman

    Our son has had Type 1 diabetes since 13, and McArdle’s was diagnosed at 17 via muscle biopsy. There were scarce knowledgeable sources anywhere near us. We resorted to various related specialists, none claiming expertise in McArdles. Do either Dr. Haller or Dr. Slonim have an active McArfle’s site or blog or what have you that can accessed and followed by families such as ours?

  2. Kate Sweetman

    Hi. My husband has McArdles and we live in Boston. Can you recommend a practitioner in our area with expertise about this? Please advise. Thank you.

  3. Bertien van Oppen

    Hello Everybody,

    I 've Mcardles sinds my childhood. I can't remember the time that I didn't have muscle cramps. I was 19 years old when I got diagnosed. Now I am 41 years old and a lot of disappointments further caused by a running out of information by the most doctors. I had to go international by websites, to becom what I was looking for. But even there you find a lot of confiusing stories. I thougt maybe its a good idea to put up some poll for Mcardle diagnosed people. In that way we become a much better view, what problems Mcardle patients suffer from and what doctors advised. My doctors often don't know what to do, and when I sugestion something, they don't take me seriously. I want fact's, fact's that we can show every doctor over the world, when they are running out of information. If there is enough respons, I would like to make such a poll in the form of questions and enough space for people with their owm expierience.
    With regards Bertien van Oppen from the Netherlands

  4. mjenkins

    I was diagnosed in 2002 and my condition gets worse every year. My legs experience pain,weakness,cramping,dull aches,sensitivtiy to anything cold, muscle tention. I hate the way I feel everyday. I have no days where the syptoms decrease. My doctor has me on pain meds and I have been taking them since 2002 and hate it. I try to stay positive but that is difficult to do at times. We need a good support system daily to help us through these issues. Better research would be great! Good luck to all.

  5. Emile Thebaud

    Ive had McArdles my whole life i remember the pain and humiliation, also being so winded i vomited many times just from cutting the lawn. Now im all grown up i am finding it very difficult to do my job, im a pressman and it is very strenuous work,lots of muscle cramping,i recently put a pedometer on to see how many steps i walked in a 12 hour shift it was unreal 14000 steps and that was a good day. My wife thinks im using the disease as an excuse,and that hurts even more then the muscle cramping,even having sex i had muscle cramping near the groin where i couldnt even walk to the bathroom.need advie

  6. marlese weaver

    Does any one even know if accupril can make mcardles worse as i suffer from terrible migraines weekly.
    Thanks Marlese

  7. Brenda Krushnisky

    @Rita Wagoner
    Hello Rita,
    Just read your post here and the diabetes and McArdles caught my attention. Do you have both diseases? I do, I was diagnosed with McArdles 9 years ago, and Type 1 diabetes 6 years ago. I would love to hear more about this if possible.

    1. TERESA

      please i have both plus fibromyalga what can i do i cant find a doctor to help cant get ssi im 40 years old cant hardly do anything without being so bad i cant get out of bed for days

  8. Rita Wagoner

    I just wish Dr. Slonim was closer but he isn’t and he has treated me in person and over the phone but there is only so much he can do. I wish there was more research .I wish I understood more about diabetes and McArdles and also heart disease.It would also be nice if there were resources to help with some of the expenses to go and see these physicians. Thanks Rita


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